The year was 1996, and this website began like any other personal page at that time: a vast compilation of nothing.

Fortunately, doesn't have a cache dating back that far (first entry is 1998).

But I can honestly say that I never once used an animated GIF of a construction worker, nor the phrase "under construction".

At least, not that I can recall. I won't deny that I probably used a euphemism of sort, but never 'under construction', dammit.

Anyway, it started on a Mac Color Classic (slowly) running Web*Star. That particular machine served double-duty as a dedicated floppy disc virus scanning machine. It happliy sat at the front desk of the Woldt Computer Lab, serving web pages and scanning for viruses. It was a somewhat covert operation, but eventually the powers that be were convinced there really was something to this WWW craze and a full-time server for the lab should be considered. The crown was transferred from the happy mac to various other machines, including some flavors of Quadra, an 8600/200, beige G3/266, B&W G3/350, and finally a G4/400. Eventually the server contents were shifted to a Win2000 box to facilitate development of ASP and other newfangled bits. Now it runs on whatever my web host runs.

Well, enough technical history. An about page is typically about the person, not the pages. So in a nutshell: time passed, I graduated, and now I moved to my own domain name. But enough about me...

The goal of this site is to act as a remotely-retrievable personal repository of information, and to provide unique and useful information detailing my personal experiences with my various hobbies. Because I have no plans to deploy a CMS, you're likely to encounter a wide range of design, appearance, and style throughout.