Installation Instructions and Other Useful Documents

P.J. Grady's adjustable clutch link instructions

P.J. Grady's defroster switch rebuild instructions

P.J. Grady's trailing arm bracket installation instructions

P.J. Grady's heavy-duty window motor installation instructions

P.J. Grady's ball joint reinforcement collar installation instructions

Fanzilla Instructions: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3


Marty Maier's 140MPH speedo decal instructions


Delorean 1's stainless steel letter installation instructions


1981 DeLorean Electrical Diagram. NOTE: This is a 5489x4243 GIF file, so if clicking on it brings up a broken image, save it to your machine and view it with other software, click here for the file in ZIP form.


K&N Filtercharger re-oiling instructions

CV Joints, part 1

CV Joints, part 2


Craig Radio infosheets


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