"Woah... I thought it was just in the movies..."
Some 17-18 year old kid at a gas station in Detroit


"Hey man, those doors are phat! Did you do that yourself?"

College kid at 7-11... Man, these people...


"This is a De Lorean, right? It looks like it's made out of aluminum"

Yep! Bare, unpainted aluminum! Holds up pretty well, doesn't it?


"It only goes up to 85? That's dumb."

7 year old


"I'll race ya for titles!"

Hmm... While the prospect of owning your Krylon-blue '83 Cutlass IS tempting...


"That's nothing but overgrown Fiero!"

Now you die...


"You'll have to get that part from a dealer"

"Uh, hey boss, they don't make those any more."

Auto parts store owner & worker. The unobtainable part in question: tail light bulb.



Anonymous shout from across a large parking lot. Everybody's a comedian


"Where's the flux capacitor?"

I would estimate a 1:1 ratio of odometer miles:flux capacitor jokes



Fat guy in blue shirt.


"Gotta watch the frames on these. They rubber coated them at the factory, but then they drilled through the coating to mount everything"

Man at car show. Close, but not quite


Looking at license plate, "Type 304 stainless steel"

Another man at the same car show, the first person to get my license plateT304 SS. He used to work at Delfield, a local company that produces industrial and professional food preparation equipment. Was missing enough fingers to prove it.


"They've got a beautiful stainless steel body with an overheating Fiat underneath"

Fiat? Let's go back to the Fiero routine.



Old man outside of a nice restaurant. Caution: Stainless steel vapor causes rage in pensioners.