During my winter restoration, I figured out a pretty decent solution for repainting the windshield header panels. Here's what you need:
Krylon Semi-Flat black
Liquid paint stripper
Razor blade
Fine grit sandpaper (1000-1500)
The first time that I tried repainting the panels, I had trouble getting an even coat on the top panel (the side panels were easy). When I did get an even coat, I still wasn't very happy with the results. So, this is what I did to make it work:
1. Cover panel with paint stripper stuff
2. Wait 5-10 minutes
3. Scrape off old paint with razorblade
4. Run the fine sandpaper over the surface to make sure that it's even (and give the paint a little more to hang on to)
5. Clean panel off with rubbing alcohol (or suitable cleaner)
6. Give the panel a couple of good, even coats
And that should do it. 2 coats of paint and it was good to go. Stripping the old paint off made a major difference.