Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 18:40:16 +0000
From: "Steve"
Subject: DML: Alternator exchange

Well today I replaced the alternator, you know the new one that was only 110 amps, well now I'm running 144Amps of alternator. It's slightly bigger than the stock one, however it went in with a little modification. I had to take the alternator mount (the one bolted to the block) to a machine shop - had it milled down about 1/2 inch - due to the spacing between the new alternator. Spent $10.00 for that... could-a done it myself but thats a lot of steel for a hacksaw... plus it looks a lot nicer milled.... got a longer adjusting arm and a 1 inch longer belt. WELL---let me tell you.... this alternator doesn't EVEN BLINK at AIR ON-LIGHTS-FANS what a difference this makes. It hovers around 13 volts now instead of 10/11 FULL LOAD.

*By the way while i was in there i checked the idler pullys and they were on there way out, so down to the local parts store and 1/2 hour later both were rebuilt. seems to have stopped the flexing of the belts while idling too.
Parts are as follows

Alternator: AC DELCO 8204-10.3 10463637 321-1096-3M6
Idler bearings: Federal Mogel 202SS (steel sleeves) and 202FF (Plastic sleeves)
New Belt: 7512 (one inch longer than stock)
Universal adjusting bracket (anout 1/2 longer than stock)
Steve (VIN 10734)