3M pads..etc.,

The correct item is called "Blending Hand Pad" Scotch-Brite #7446 this pad generally cost $1.79 at any well stocked Hardware store. If you have any problems finding it you can get information on your local distributor from 3M Abrasive Systems Division St. Paul, MN 55144-1000

You should also get stainless cleaner, there are two brands generally favored by most DeLorean owners:

1. 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish #34-7032-2354-4
Commercial Care Division product
Comes in 21 oz spray can


2. DuBois USA Super Hi-lite Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
Comes in 18 oz spray can
Customer service 1-800-543-4906

To use this stuff:

The Blending pads come in 6X9 inch by half inch thick pads. The fibers seam very course but are correct.

You will need a Blending block, made from any wood. It should be 5 3/4X8 3/4X2" a cut from any 2X6 is perfect.

To use start by spraying either cleaner on to the stainless surface and work in using an old towel or clean cloth, rub in the same direction as the brush pattern of the panel ONLY! do not rub cross grain or in circles. Once you have fully covered the area to be blended (should be wet with polish) place the blending pad onto the stainless surface, place the block on top of the pad so that pad extends evenly on all sides of the blending block, now pressing against the stainless push the blending pad in the same direction as the brush pattern, try to keep the stroke in line with the factory brush pattern. when you complete the first stroke completed pick up the pad and block, DO NOT PULL THE PAD BACK THE WAY IT CAME, AND DO NOT MOVE PAD AGAINST THE GRAIN TO START A RETURN STROKE! go back to your starting point place the pad on to the surface and repeat the process. As you work you will see a black build up of cleaner, this is normal, continue working and adding cleaner as you work. I suggest no more than half a panel at a time. When you have completed a section, stop, wash out the blending pad with worm soapy water then clear cool water, shake dry and start next panel. Use more cleaner to remove the ugly black streaks that form during blending. At this point you have a choice of leaving a very thin film of cleaner on the stainless surface or having the slightly briter "Dry" look. For the dry Look just wash the DeLorean and then dry it completely. You can also "Dry" blend if you like by doing the Blending with out the cleaner. The problem with this approach is that dry blending leaves a fine black powder on the stainless that comes off on everything. Many DeLorean users like to use "Windex" window cleaner to keep their DeLoreans bright and fingerprint free.


I am confident you will get other helpful hints from other DML'ers



The correct "Scotch Brite" to use is #7446 "Blending hand pad Product ID #61-5001-2322-1 The pads are 6 inches X 9 inches

The correct way to work out scratches or stains is to get a chunk of wood 5X8 inches and use it as a baxking for the scotch brite pad. To "re-Brush" any given area, first spray the area with "3M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish" there is only one kind so you won't get the wrong one. next lay the scotch brite down grain, place the wood block on top of the pad and pressing down drage the pad threw the desired area and up grain some amount. Now lift the pad off the surface and go back to the starting point and repeate. Follow the original grain. The surface of the stainless will darken as you work. from time to time wipe the area clean with a clean soft cloth. do not at any time rub or wipe cross grain. Once you start you will see the unwanted scratches start to fade, just keep working the area until it matches the rest of the panel. You may want to do the whole panel, which if done correctly will take about 4 hours.