The best way, and I can assure you of this, to get into the trunk when the cable is broken is:
* Put the car on a lift.
* Remove the left front wheel. This is to permit the best angle for what follows.
* Push out the rubber plug that is above the brake master cylinder and hope that there is nothing in the trunk that will interfere.
* Using a powerful flashlight atempt to view the trunk latch mechanisim. It can be done if there is nothing in the trunk blocking the view.
* Locate the arm that the release cable attaches to.
* Using a suitable tool, grab onto the bottom of the release arm and pull it toward the left side of the car. Have someone else gently push downward on the trunk lid while you are doing this in order to release as much tension from the lack mechanisim as possible. A suitable tool may be something like a VERY stiff wire bent into a hook on the end, or possibly a wooden broom handle with a bold screwed into the end.
This happened to me a few weeks ago while I was working with a fellow named Chester and we learned this solution from this message group.

I might suggest that while repairimg the cable / latch mechanisim that you drill an additional hole in the latch arm ( mentioned above ) and install a suitable ( strong ) cable into it. Make the cable long enough to be run under the carpet and right next to the master cylinder access plug. Install something on the end of the cable to use as a handle ( a 3/8 " bolt with nuts and washers to clamp the free end of the cable would work well ) and secure it inside the trunk for easy access through the master cylinder plug hole in case this situation ever arises again.


George Ryerson
[email protected]