Date: Mon, 12 Jan 98 16:48:58 PST
From: "Brandon S. Moody"
Subject: Re: DML: Door lock mechanism problem

> Hey all,
> I sorta have a problem with my passenger door... it only worked for me
> twice since I've bought it last monday. The door has 2 locks that lock the
> door one in the front and one in the back, the problem is that the lock in the
> back locks and unlocks fine, the front lock will not move, how would I be able
> to open the door and unstick the lock?? Any help would be appriaciated (can't spell)

This is something that I could probably do faster myself then trying to explain how to do it. First, make sure we both understand what the other is talking about. The doors have 2 "LATCHES". One at the front and one at the back. These "LATCHES" can either be in the OPEN or LATCHED possition. Each of these "LATCHES" can also be "LOCKED or UNLocked ". With me so far ? :-)

OK, probably what has happened is the connecting rods have gotten out of adjustment or the latch handle is not returning to the fully down possition and cause the latch to jam. You first will have to remove the door panels, The top one first "PULL HARD" and then the bottom will come off with a few screws and fir-tree connectors. Disconnect the connecting rod from the belcrank assembly from the front latch, Its the one that has the cable attached that runs from the outside door handle, not the one that connects to the lock motor. Slightly push the rod toward the latch assembly. Then, move the lock button into the "unlock" position (forward). Then, pull the 2 rods and this should open the door. If not, then you may have either a bad latch or the lock adjustment may be wrong. I don't know if this helped of just confused you even more. Like I said, its easier to do than try to tell someone how to do it. If this works, then just leave the door open and have someone help you find the problem by operating the latch clamps by hand while you sit and make adustments. Tie a heavy weight to the door to keep it at a good height so you can work on it.

- -Brandon
[email protected]