DeLorean Repair Procedures

From the DMCNEWS Mailing list, and other sources


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I do not hold any responsibility for the fitness of any of these projects. Use with caution. I have attempted to give credit where credit is due. Check the referring post for full details. I have mirrored some other web pages simply because DeLorean web pages go up and down too often.

Mechanical/electrical/other repairs/replacements:

Acceleration problems - Fuel Relay
Adjusting the brake booster
Broken louver repair
Broken trunk release, getting into trunk
Cold start problems
Craig radio display fix
Engine cranks, but no start
Excessive coolant fan cycling when air conditioning enabled
Hood release repair
Hot start problem check
Intermittent taillight problem fix
Pegged Gas Gauge
Recovering headliners
Removing brown stains from gray interiors
Removing the chassis from the car
Replacing the A/C Bearings
Replacing the fuel accumulator
Reworking the steering system
Solving rear clunking, part 1
Vacuum related squealing
Water pump replacement

Upgrades or maintenance projects:

A/C Illumination, fix to turn on when headlights are on
Alternative windshield washer pump replacement
Auto Coolant System Bleeder
Blending stainless panels
Cooling system flush
Preventative Louver Damage
Repainting the windshield header panels
Replacing the stock alternator with a Delco 144A
Replacing the upper door weatherstrip piece
Removing carpet stains
Torsion bar adjustment: A layman's guide
Torsion bar mount reinforcement

Checks and adjustments:

Door latch mechanism procedure
Removing the center console
Removing/Replacing engine cover hinges
Parking Brake Adjustment
Power window motor check
Throttle adjustment at idle

Other stuff:

Decoding your VIN


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