Date: Fri, 07 Aug 1998 02:26:21 +0100
From: "Martin Gutkowski (UK)"
Subject: Re: DML: interior

This may not be related to your problem, but it's a good snippet of info anyway.

Here's a funny thing: There are two bolts in the engine compartment that go through the chassis, engine mounts and underbody. They are large and easy to tighten and are at the back (as you bend over) in the corners. I haven't experienced it myself, but I'd like to paraphrase a conversation between Stephen Wynne and Ian Titley at the Birmingham show:

IT: Would you mind giving my car the once-over?

SW: Not at all... (sticks head under hood, climbs under car - photo to be found on my website :-) ... hmm, have you ever torqued up these bolts?

IT: No... never (in three years of owning the car)

SW: Do you get a rattle over your left shoulder?

IT: YES! (describes rattle, and failed attempts to locate it)

SW: Tighten those bolts - and the front ones for good measure - and it'll disappear...

IT: Can't believe that will help...

SW: Trust me...

It did the trick... (sorry Steve if I didn't get that exactly right:-)

Give that a bash.

Best Wishes,


[email protected] wrote:

> ok, i \ve now had my "D" for 2 months or so. i have this rattle in my pass.
> side door and i think its related to my pass. side window (it doesnt really roll
> up quite right). the car only has 2000 miles on it so its hard to think
> that


> thx again,
> james
> #0470