I'm guessing there is no way to get out the bracket without full removal. I removed mine and it just doesn't seem like you could squeeze it out. It's way in there.

It's actually not very difficult to remove. I did it just a month after I had my D because I needed to replace a few parts and i just wanted to clean it all out really nicely. It didn't take very long at all. Although, about 4 of the bolts were missing but don't seem to be necessary. Procedure (as best I remember):

1. remove the little dish in the back (2 screws)
2. remove the screws back there.
3. unscrew the shift plate, remove the shift knob, pull up the leather on the shaft and remove the plate. be careful not the hurt the a/c display plate. (2 screws)
4. remove the a/c control nobs and plate (1 screw).
5. remove more screws for the center console, easy to see.
6. remove one screw from just to the right and left of the radio kinda back under the kneepad
7. pull it off from the back first and remove.

should come off in just 10-15 minutes. surprisingly easy.

Then you have full access to the stereo which will make it much easier to connect wires and get it in there.