Subject: Re: throttle adjustment
Sent: 01/10 12:26 AM
Received: 01/10 6:10 AM
From: Bruce Benson, [email protected]
To: dmcnews, [email protected]

Be sure the three adjustment screws in the throttle valve ass'y are closed as they aren't used in the DeLorean. Next, while the engine is idling fast, push the micro switch under the top adjusting screw. If the idle slows down, screw the adjuster in a little more so it always trips the switch. As for adjusting the idle, I've always done it as follows: There are two adjustment screws on the throttle lever, each locked in place with a lock nut. Loosen them and unscrew rhe adjusters untill they no longer make contact. Carefully screw the lower one in untill you see the lever just start to move. Turn it about 1\2 to 3\4's turn more and lock it. Screw the top adjuster in untill you hear the idle control micro switch click. Give it 1 more turn and lock it. If the micro switch doesn't make up, the engine will idle fast. Make sure the switch makes up every time you let off the throttle.

If this doesn't solve the problem look for any binding in the throttle linkage. The idle speed regulator can stick in one position and make the engine idle fast, but you say your engine can idle down if you play with the linkage so I'd guess that's not you problem.