From: Rob Hook
Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 12:06:47 -0400
Subject: RE: Changing a water pump?

Here's the number for Car Quest: 1(800)492-7278. The person will ask you for you ZIP code and then give you the closest store. They have the water pump (sans pulley I think) for $124 not $142 as I said earlier. Let me know if you have luck with this as mine won't be in until next week. To quote what Marty said earlier:

The water pump for the Delorean is available from any Car Quest auto parts store. There are two versions made. The original style with the press on pulley is part number 9147 and the later model with the bolt on pulley is part number 9146. Check the picture in the parts book when you order, I may have the part numbers reversed. Anyway these water pumps sell for about $110 ea with out pulleys. They are the same pumps as on the car, right down to the casting number on the housing.

The pulley on the original pump must be pressed off and then pressed back on the new pump. This is not hard to do if you use some care. Note: before you press the original pulley off you must measure the offset distance from the pulley to the pump housing. When the pulley is installed on the new pump you must maintain this offset distance for the v-belts to align. The water pump shaft does not have a shoulder or stop for the pulley to set against so it can be pressed on too far. The shaft on the new pump is also about 2inchs longer then the original pump. It just sticks thru the pulley farther than the original after installation. You can either cut the excess shaft off or just leave it long. It does not interfear with anything after reinstallation. This is the reason you must measure the offset from the pulley to the HOUSING and maintain this distance.

As far as the later style pump with the bolt on pulley, I don't have any experience with this unit. I do know the "D" shops that sell these units have a billet aluminum pulley made to go with their pumps. You buy it as a complete assembly. I doubt if you could buy just the pulley. These pumps are for later model Volvos but I don't know if a pulley from a later model would have the correct offset or be the correct size. Maybe someone else on the list can help with this.