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RE: Power Wndow Motors....A Friend Taught Me The Niftiest Test For Window Motor... Remove The Front Marker Light In The Door By Carefully Prying It Out With A Small Scredriver.. Don't Disconnect It, Just Let It Hang.

Then, Take A Piece Of Wood About 18" Long That Can Fit In The Marker Hole And Place The End Of It On The Motor Housing Or Thereabouts And Pound On It A Few Times With A Hammer. (Remember, These Cars Were Biult In The British Isles Where The Hammer Is A High Tech Tool). If You Think The Motor Is Humming, This Will Likely Fix The Problem...It Did For Me. You See, Water Seeps Into The Door And Rests On The Worm Gear. If You Don't Use The Windows Often And Park The Car With Them Closed, Rust Builds Up And It Gets Stuck.

I Had Two Mechanics Tell Me I Needed A New Motor..They Swore There Was No Juice To The Motor...Saved Me About $200. Try It!