Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 22:16:48 EDT
From: [email protected]
Subject: DML: Windshield washer pump solution

I have implemented the following windshield washer pump solution for those who do not need an original replacement.

1. Remove pump from bottle
2. Carefully separate motor from housing
3. I hack-sawed off the flare from the pump housing to be more flush (do not disturb the nipple
4. Drill out (7/16 I believe) the center of the pump (just far enough to remove the blade which moves the water.)
5. Carefully tap the drilled hole (I used a 7/16 x 20 tap)
6. Purchase a SS 7/16 x 20 bolt (depth will be <1/2 inch)
7. Place rubber O-ring around bolt and tighter to pump housing
8. Insert back into bottle
9. Purchase $7 ANCO WW pump
10. Mount to side of WW bottle holder
11. Connect hoses and connections
Good luck & use caution.
Email if more details are needed.


DOA #5138
VIN 1704