Windows 8 / 10 Compatibility:

If you try to run the UTCIS software in Win8/Win10 you'll quickly find that it doesn't work. Something about some Xenocode nonsense.


Fortunately the fix isn't too difficult!


On a computer running Windows XP (not sure if this works on Windows 7):


1. Download the x86 version of the .NET Generic Unpacker from http://ntcore.com/netunpack.php

2. Install the UTCIS software.

3. Connect the UTCIS unit to your "vintage" computer. Open the UTCIS software and log in. You should now be at the main screen with the readouts from the UTCIS.

4. Run the Unpacker software and select the UTCIS process from the list.

5. The Unpacker will generate 2 files - an .EXE and a .DLL

6. Copy the EXE and DLL to your Win8/10 computer


On your new computer running Windows 8/10:


7. Open your C:\Program Files (x86)\UnwiredTools, LLC\UTCIS Engine Management\ folder

8. Rename UTCISEngineManagement.exe to UTCISEngineManagement.exe.old (just in case)

9. Move the new EXE file to the UT folder and rename it UTCISEngineManagement.exe

10. Move the DLL file to the UT folder and rename it "Gigasoft.ProEssentials.dll".

11. Connect the UTCIS and open the Device Manager.

12. Under Ports, find the new device with the yellow exclamation mark, right-click, "Update Driver Software..."

13. Windows will download and install the driver from the Internet

14. Done!