This project has been abandoned, but I'm keeping it here for posterity.

Here are the original images (they are fairly large, right click and 'save this image as...' if you can't view them in the browser window):
Page 1
Page 2 original
Page 2 with the modifications

The idea was to use a relay with the 87a normally closed connection to retain the pulsed DC of the DRL module. When the high beams are engaged (either by flash-to-pass or from multifunction switch), the 87 contact is engaged directly to battery power.

The actual splicing would all take place withing the engine compartment, not necessarily by the splices listed on the schematics.

The question remains though, if you use upgraded wattage lamps, how to keep the DRL module from self-destructing since it expects a 55W bulb, not a 100W bulb...

The only missing step is to, of course, remove the "Lamp Out" light... :)