Subject: Re: Door chrome strip and steering
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 10:57:42 -0600
From: Scott Hewitt

Joey Stanley wrote:
> Well, my 92 has that problem, and I did the same thing tring to make it
> better, which made it worse. Never could figure out how to get it off to
> replace it either. Can somebody help us out?
> > Anyway, on to the big ooops. While looking at the car, he noticed that
> >the chrome/rubber strip on the drivers side rear door appeared to be
> sticking
> >out a little. He figured he could put a slight bend into it and get it
> >closer to the door. Well, I now have a big ugly kink in the trim! Has
> >anyone replaced this before? Is it easy to do? What part number do I
> need?
> >My car is a '92. Thanks!

If you are talking about the trim at the base of the window...

Piece of cake. There are two 11mm nuts on the inside of the door, just under the window, that hold the trim in place. The nuts are covered in black plastic. Remove the nuts, and pop the window trim out by pulling up and away from the door. There is a small felt-covered spring retainer at the midsection of the trim piece.

Go to a local junk yard, find a late-model Taurus with good trim, and grab what you need. The trim pieces have a common problem of rustin underneath the rubber, causing it to "bubble" up. Get the best ones yoou can find, and you probably won't pay more than a couople bucks apiece. Note: the trim for each door is unique, so make sure you get the proper peice.

Scott Hewitt