Currently, the computer-in-car is in the development phase. I am amassing hardware at this point. So far, here's what I've got going into it:

    Model Price Purchased From
Stereo Group: Head unit: Pioneer DEH-P7000R $239.00
  Subwoofers: Infinity Beta 12s $440.00 Some guy
  Sub amp: Kenwood PS200 $50.00 Cash desperate friend
  Main speaker amp: Alpine 3527V Dunno Local stereo shop
  Capacitors Cornell-Dublier 20V .5F x2 $35.00
Computer Group: Display unit: Icom IC-2800H (2M/70CM) $528.00
    3" TFT LCD 480x234    
  Keyboard Dauphin (about 8"x5") $15.00
  Mouse Alps Glidepoint $11.00 Ebay
  Joystick Gravis Gamepad Dunno Wal-Mart (5 years ago)
  Sound card Gravis Ultrasound MAX $20.50 Ebay
  Video Card ATI [email protected] 98 $20 Ebay
Stuff I need: Head unit AUX input: Pioneer CD-RB10 ???  
  Computer: Pentium 266-350 ???  
  Power supply: DC 250 (12 V) $145.00
  Hard drive: 40GB ??? ???


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