> From: Adam Jackson

> Anyone ever try this? They look so simple, and I think I could weld
> myself up a set for the price of materials. Where could I get the
> measurements? Anyone have a set laying around that haven't been
> installed yet? A six-pack to the first person who e-mails me diagrams
> or measurements:)


Boy am I thirsty!

Follows is a message I've sent to about 40 people since I put my Subframe Connectors on:

Mine are like the FPS connectors (shorter and straight), not like SHO Shop's (longer with bend). I feel they provide the same benefit and are lighter than the SHO Shop pieces.

1. Go to FAQ: http://www.shotimes.com/SHO4subframeconnectors.html and read.

2. Buy 16 feet of 12 gauge 1"x1" steel square tube.

3. Cut each piece to 46.25" long. Straight cut on back end, 45 degree cut on front end. (46.25 is measured to longest part of 45 degree angle).
Crude drawing of 45 degree end

4. Weld 2 together to make a 1"x2" bar. Do this with the other two 1x1's so you end up with two 1x2 bars-one for left and one for right.

5. Put car up on hoist. You can possibly do this mod with 4 jackstands, but it WILL be tough. Putting the car on a hoist will "bow" the car, creating a torquing action on the Subframe Connectors when the car is lowered.

6. Locate front mounting points. Look at pictures you printed carefully. Grind paint from front left and right mounting areas( unibody support about 2.5" wide that ends just about under front seats. Grind about 8-9" of paint off for good welds. I welded the bars on to just cover the hole drilled in the unibody support.

7. Locate rear mounting points. Look at pictures you printed carefully. Grind paint from rear left and right mounting areas(Strut rod frame mount in front of each rear tire. Grind paint off bottom of mount for good welds.)

8. Paint top of Subframe Connectors-as you cannot paint the top after welding in place.

9. Clamp rear (straight cut end) of Connector to rear mounting position. I placed seam of the two bars aligned with seam in Strut rod frame mount. Align front to correct position on unibody support, my connectors just covered the hole in the support.

10. weld rear in place

11. weld front in place

12. paint connectors and all bare metal

13. lower car and you're done.

I did my whole project from scratch just by looking at the pics at the above websites. All told it took about 3 hours.

Good Luck!!

Jim Grubbs
93 ATX White/Black with lots-o-mods
89k, Santa Clarita, CA