While I have since moved on from Central Michigan University, part of my job as systems administrator of the Woldt Computer Lab was to maintain the lab's Macintosh network. An invaluable tool in doing this is the freeware program RevRDist. These pages detail the network setup that I put together, along with my RevRDist configuration. As of February 2003, they are still using the same setup that I left in place after graduating in December 2001. A real testament to the 'Maytag Man' powers of RevRDist.

While your particular lab setup will inevitably differ from the Woldt Lab setup, I hope you'll find a few good ideas to incorporate into your lab's unique needs.


The network, and it's devices

How I configured ScanShare to work

Current distribution control file. The comments in the file mean more to me than they will to anybody else...


RevRDist and MacOS X -

It would seem that the incredible differences between Classic MacOS and MacOS X have rendered RevRDist inadequate to fulfill the needs of an OSX lab. While I don't yet have experience in managing an OSX lab, the following tools have been suggested as replacements for RevRDist:



Carbon Copy Cloner