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Pediatric Inpatient Ward

41 bed Pediatric ward

OVER 50 TEACHING faculty

2500 admissions per year, average daily census is 22, interns participate in the care and management of 6-10 patients per day with senior residents and attendings overseeing the education of each intern. 2-4 faculty members, 2-3 senior resident, 4-5 interns and medical students assigned to the peds ward per rotation. Daily teaching rounds either by faculty member or senior residents. Weeknight senior call covered by night float person, weekend senior call is a rotating schedule with a back-up person available. Each intern scheduled for 7 nights of call per 4-week rotation.


Newborn Nursery

50 bed newborn Nursery

2 full time attendings

3500 births per year average daily census is 20. Residents are primary care giver to infants on the newborn teaching service. Over 500 newborns receive their follow-up care in the residency continuity clinics. Daily teaching rounds with attendings. Residents do calls from home 1-2 nights per week and 2 weekends per rotation. Weekends include rounding on infants and home call.


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

35 bed Neonatal ICU

5 full time Neonatologist

600 yearly admissions, average daily census is 23. Residents are primary care physicians to their assigned neonates. They play an active role in the team management of these infants. Daily teaching rounds by neonatologists or fellows. Each resident has 7 calls per 4-week rotation.


Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

12 bed Pediatric ICU

3 full time Intensivists

650 Yearly admissions, average daily census is 8. Residents participate in the PICU by being the first manager of the patients, accompanying the intensivist to the ER for traumas, medical emergencies, or treating child abuse victims, attending the OR with patients, and assisting with transfers to/or from other facilities or other floors within the hospital. Daily teaching rounds with an intensivist. Each resident in the PICU has 7 calls per 4-week rotation.


Pediatric Subspecialties

All subspecialties

Pediatric subspecialties are available for residents to do during elective rotation time. Most times Pediatric residents are the only resident on the service meaning they get one to one teaching from the subspecialist.

880 Bed Hospital
102,000 ER visits/year

2 emergency room sites, 68% of patients are under 18 years of age,
Residents do 14-10 hour shifts over a 4-week rotation.

Pediatric after hour clinic

Open evenings 5p-11p, weekends and holidays for sick children, 8500 visits per year.
Staffed by community physicians on a rotating bases. This is an urgent care experience.
Senior residents do 14 shifts plus 1 week on night float during this 4-week rotation.


Residents’ Continuity Clinics

2 Resident Continuity clinics

At the beginning of residency a primary clinic day at 1 site is assigned and as often as possible stays the same throughout the 3 years. During their 2nd and 3rd years residents get assigned clinic time at both sites. Patients are assigned for continuity. Residents get patients referred to them after hospital stays, from the RNICU, or from the newborn nursery. MSU faculty attendings staff both clinics. 1-4 residents assigned in each clinic per afternoon. In the 1st year residents have a 1/2-day clinic / week, in their 2nd year they have a 1/2-day clinic up to 2 times/week and in their 3rd year a 1/2-day clinic up to 3 times/week.