Shop notes from Astro Laser:


Machine Details:

The short story: this is an unusual machine.

It's an uncommon style of cocktail cabinet, it runs on Taito hardware that isn't marked Taito, and it goes by at least 3 different names - Space Laser, Laser, Astro Laser, and Space War (Leijac). The rule sheet under the glass, and the serial number tag are the only parts of the cabinet marked "Astro Laser". The original ROMs & board were marked "SL", and the data on the game ROMs appeared to be 100% identical to Space Laser ROMs. On bootup, the game calls itself "Laser".

The cabinet itself was in good shape, all things considered. The multicolor screen overlay was intact and the underglass artwork was present.

The game features a switching power supply w/ an external Power-On-Reset circuit. Monitor is a Wells Gardner 22V1001. The cap kit for a 19V1001 will work fine.

Technical Notes:

PLAYER 2 NOTE: P2 controls will probably not work unless DIPs 5,6,7 are set to ON. The inputs for these controls are routed directly through those 3 dips. Setting one or more of them off may produce strange results.

DIP 8: 1 credit 1 player (OFF), 1 credit, 1 or 2 player (ON)

History & Repairs:

This is one of 4 machines that I got for free from a barn (pics) in 2002. It would power up to a garbage screen, and I had little luck repairing it. In 2007, I was able to get a 2nd set of supposedly non-working boards, originally from a Taito Space Invaders. Swapping the CPU & Sound boards, but keeping the original ROM board worked - it finally sprang to life on August 12th :D



One thing that bugged be about the way Astro Laser was wired is that the edge connector on the ROM board is used to split the GND, +5, and +12 lines. I felt that grounds should be tied together independent of the boards, so I spliced a wire between the 3 ground wires. I did the same for the 3 +5, and the 2 +12 wires. It just seemed like unneeded stress on the boards & harness connectors.


Repair log:

Replaced CPU & Sounds boards with working set.

Replaced all electrolytic caps on sound & ROM boards.

Recapped monitor (2010/05/11)

Replaced 1 cigarette burned white button, and 3 red buttons.


Tumble polished:

Harness upgrade - Ground, +5, +12 lines connected at the harness instead of at the board.

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