Shop notes from Baby Pac-Man:


History & Repairs:

Bought from a local place via eBay (@14% cashback, no less). Listed as working but won't start a game. Was observed to power up, coin up, but game wouldn't actually begin.


Initial Observations:

This game has a non-OEM monitor, Kortek KTN-1401 from Happ Controls with some creative splicing to hook it up. GI is out, wires to the transformer are a bit melted. Original bezel was missing, and had been replaced with a piece of clear plexi, with a sheet of yellow paper acting as a monitor shroud.

Currently Baby Pac Man is in storage at a friend's place. We moved it back there, powered it up, and enjoyed a rather startling lightning show from the anode cap. I'll get around to it later in 2009.

I finally brought it to the new house on 3/5/2010, and proceeded with a race against time to finish it. My 2nd son was due in less than a month, so I wanted to finish Baby Pac before my real baby arrived :-) Baby Pac came to life on 3/24.


Final Inspection:

Monitor bezel was missing, found a tiny shard of tempered glass in the bottom, reverse-printed black with a touch of blue. I'm guessing the original bezel went *SMASHY*

Monitor ground, rather than being tied into cabinet ground, was "cleverly" hooked up by splicing the ground lead from some random power cord to the monitor ground, and plugging it in to the service outlet on the power supply.

...which was kind of a waste anyway, as the main cabinet power cord had been replaced by am ungrounded, brown household extension cord. Yep, someone just cut the socket end off of a regular old 2 prong extension cord & soldered it in place. Still has the big warning/caution/cuidado tag ziptied to it and everything.

Purple wire from purple/gray pair going to playfield was charbroiled, had to chase it a few feet into the playfield before I found wire that was solid. No obvious short, not even from where they had been re-spliced at their connector to the power supply at the cabinet bottom... just spliced, no electrical tape, butt connectors, anything. Just a few twisted, bare wires floating around the neighborhood of the power supply board. Transformer still reads proper voltage even though purple insulation is bubbled and wire slightly crispy.

It seems like this thing spent some time in a humid environment, like a pool house arcade or a boardwalk. Lots and lots of surface rust or corrosion on playfield parts, pins / pin connectors, and the iron core of the transformer. Even the captive ball in the upper playfield had a serious ring of rust on it.


My Own Notes:

1: Pull the 3/4A fuse (F2). This machine has no use for the HV section of the power module.
2: Consider using the power supply schematic for fuse values. For instance: F3 is 6A per the power module silkscreen, but 4A on the schematic. This thing has a half-size playfield but the power module is intended for a full size machine.




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