Shop notes from Mario Bros:


This is one of 4 machines that I got for free from a barn (pics) in 2002. An original Mario Bros widebody cabinet. It powered up, but only 1/3 of the screen was visible. It would blow one of the monitor fuses every 3 minutes. I recapped the monitor & cleaned the game up, and kept it until 2007. Mario Bros. is a hard game - I enjoyed it, but it's a little too hard for the casual gamer. Even with the DIPs set to easiest, the average game was 1-2 minutes.


Repair log:

Replaced power plug (original had ground pin removed).

Recapped monitor with 20-EZV kit (pics).

Cleaned area around HV lead & HV cage - would arc every 10-15 seconds and cause the picture to jump. Was caused by conductive dirt.

Replaced fluorescent fixture.

Repainted upper & lower marquee holders.

Removed lock bar, cleaned cabinet, replaced t-molding.

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