Shop notes from Paragon:


History & Repairs:

Paragon was a "please get this thing out of our basement"-style gift from family friends. Naturally, I was willing to help take care of this problem ;) Dave and I picked it up at 10AM on the 29th of December, 2007. It managed to snow quite a bit for the move, too, but no harm done.


Initial Observations:

Overall in pretty good shape, but had been sitting for quite some time. LH slingshot rubber & bottom left flipper rubber were both broken and detached. RH sling rubber was ziptied together. Minor wear near mid-playfield inserts, and wear oval near RH upper kickout.

Backbox showed burns on power supply connectors. Some pins had already been replaced with trifurcon pins, and some still needed to be changed. J1 connector to power supply board had been replaced at some point. Power supply board was also type AS2518-49 instead of AS2518-18. J1 is different (-49 has one extra pin). The -49 is a drop-in for the -18 but the J1 connector needs to be shifted to the left. Fuse clips were toasted. Really, really corroded and bad.

MPU was flawless... no acid damage whatsoever. May have been serviced previously with a new battery.

Lots of #47 bulbs here and there, so that's good.

Portion of the cabinet bottom was replaced. Looks like some liquid spilled into the coin tray area, and now there's a chunk of plywood there. Speaker was also remounted inside the cabinet. so it's facing into the cab instead of down & out. Cabinet paint has no fade, but a few abrasions and scuffs.

All locks removed, including backglass locking mechanism. Backglass is great, solid 9/10

First 2 in-line drop targets were replaced with random parts. Paragon has 4 "Boar's head" in-line drop targets. This machine had "Bulls eye - explosion - Boar - Boar", which tells it's own story in of itself, but kind of detracts from the theme.

One of the pop bumpers was loose, and opening it up revealed it to be in a state of partial disassembly. Also, a (burned out) flashlight bulb had been installed in the socket.

A lot of screw-type mini-posts seem to have been replaced with threaded-type. Lots of lockwashers / nuts were installed on the bottom of the board instead of the proper t-nuts.

Plastics were held down by some nasty looking original post caps. A few random silver & white acorn nuts... and one conventional hex nut.


Repair log:

Power supply:

Solenoid board:


Playfield & Backbox:

Light board:


Cleaned & Polished:


Painting & Touchup:


Paragon saucer area - Before Paragon saucer area - After (the flash is a little hard on the touchups)
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