Shop notes from Stingray:


History & Repairs:

Purchased from a gentleman in Alma, MI. Machine was fully functional. Has some spot repairs to the playfield artwork that I hope to improve upon some day, but for now I'm just enjoying it.

Sold on 9-13-2009

Repair log:

Cleaned and adjusted some of the playfield leaf switches, including a switch on the LH slingshot that was installed backwards (!). No wonder that sling seemed a little lazy.

Replaced all of the playfield rubber

Replaced a dozen or so burned bulbs, and cleaned all the bulb holders. Had an odd mix of #44 & #47 bulbs, I think I got all the 44's out of there.

Replaced the center kickout plastic. These seem to be broken/missing on every Stingray I've seen pics of. A very nice RGP'er sent me a repro piece that works great. The PO had cut a good looking plastic piece to replace the missing one, but I'm a stickler for "as original as possible".

Lowered HV to 170

Added credit switch stack to start button


Correct pop bumper caps. I can find almost the correct caps, but I'm holding out for original-looking pieces. The ones on there are decent but browned.


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