Shop notes from Time Warp:


History & Repairs:

Time Warp came bundled with a Joust purchase on 1-24-2009. The owner had removed almost everything from the playfield in prep for a restore, but no longer had the desire to complete the project. Came with a spare mostly-assembled playfield which served as great reference for reassembly.


Initial Observations:

Appeared to have most of the typical Williams system 6 issues. Feature light section had charbroiled resistors, some of which had already been replaced, as evidenced by the missing & damaged traces from previous repairs. The switch matrix resistors R204-R211 were supposed to be 330ohm, but found 1K instead, indicating that the driver board may have been swapped with a Sys3 part. Original battery holder still in place - center terminals were rotted out. On the power supply board, the 6-pin plug containing grounds for the light/solenoid had a toasted pin, and a PO had simply cut & stripped that wire & wrapped it around the mounting screw for the power supply board. I mean, sure, that's probably a good ground and it'll work...but still.

Repair log:

Grounding mod at 3P2:

Only the bottom 2 connectors on the power board are used, and one had been badly burned. I replaced the burned pin, and added redundant connections to the center sockets. This, combined with switching to #47 bulbs should bulletproof it.

Power supply board:

CPU board:

Driver board::

Other electronics:

Other stuff:


Cleaned & Polished:


Painting &Touchup:




Playfield Refurb:



This pic shows the before / after repairs on the "1 TO 4 PLAYERS" part of the backglass. Heat or abrasion had worn away at the original paint. I found a close match at the craft store, masked & painted from the reverse. A simple fix that improves the appearance & still allows light to show through.
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