Shop notes from Victory:


History & Repairs:

Purchased from a gentleman in Hartland Township, MI on 8/31/07. Machine was fully functional, good overall condition, just dirty. Had two repairs to the playfield. The first part is near where the upper playfield drains into the lower. That piece of the mylar may have been damaged by repeated ball impacts. The second is on the upper playfield. Not an area of high impact, so I'm not sure what happened - probably due to delamination.

The PO mentioned occassional resets. Victory is an 80B and had none of the ground/power updates. I saw it reset twice over a hundred or so games.


Repair log:

A cap on the reset board was visibly bad - I simply disconnected the board as it isn't really needed.

Replaced AC plug with 3-prong (ground pin had been cut off).

Performed all System 80B grounding mods per guides. Cleaned PCB edge connectors and contacts.

Conjoined all ground connectors at power supply

Added arc-supression caps & fuseholders / 3ASB fuses to slingshots.

Stripped playfield, cleaned & polished all metal parts, replaced all lamps.

Resleeved ball shooter.

Removed upper playfield, cleaned & repainted drop targets & resleeved reset coil.

Rebuilt upper & lower playfield flippers.

Polished upper playfield mylar to remove scratches.

Cleaned all switch contacts.


Apperance items:

The legs that came with it were wrong - way too tall & had flaking paint. The top of the backbox nearly hit the ceiling. I cleaned up and recycled a set of chrome legs that had came with Rapid Fire.

On the upper playfield, there are 2 car graphics. On mine, the playfield overlay with the yellow car had delaminated, and a previous owner repaired this by cutting the bad part off, painting the bare wood black, and applying a new sheet of mylar. This looked bad... real bad... I photographed another yellow car on the lower playfield, and created a reproduction sticker to go in place of the missing car. I repainted the wood with a better match to the surrounding blue/black background, applied the car decal, and re-mylared over the entire bit.

Upper: Before / After

On the lower playfield, I re-touched up the area that had been previously touched up. The previous job was quick, and you could still see woodgrain through the paint (or did they use sharpies?). I just filled in the thin areas and sharpened up the text a bit. Again, a fresh and larger piece of mylar was applied to the affected area.

Lower: Before / After

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